Thursday, June 20, 2013

YouTube Artist Review

Hello again! I'm actually on vacation right now, but I've got this post queued up to go live in my absence. So here is a review of three of my favorite YouTube artists right now!

1. Alex G
CHANNEL: AlexGMusic7
655,725 subscribers (as of 6/14/2013)
85,622,508 video views (as of 6/14/2013)

Alex G is one of those people that is on the precipice of blowing up, big time. Let's just start with appearance; she's absolutely gorgeous and has an infectious smile. I also love her style. In every video of hers, she has amazing clothes and is all-around stunning. As for her choice in music, I love everything she covers--obviously, because I love literally all music. Some of my favorites of hers have been "Some Nights" (F.U.N. cover, a collaboration with Tyler Ward), "Heart Attack" (Demi Lovato cover), and "Thrift Shop" (Macklemore and Ryan Lewis cover). She's covered a few rap songs besides "Thrift Shop" and every time, she re-appropriates it into a purely pop dance tune or ballad. Plus, her original songs are killer, extremely catchy with heartfelt, if simple, lyrics. My favorite of hers, as far as both song and music video goes, is "Find You." Her voice is clear and strong, and she seems to know her vocal capabilities really well--and she's also really funny, especially in her cover of "Want U Back" by Cher Lloyd.

2. Ari Zizzo
CHANNEL: espanarnar96
2,430 subscribers (as of 6/14/2013)
160,974 video views (as of 6/14/2013)

Ari Zizzo is relatively unknown on YouTube but he SHOULD be way more popular. He's adorable and if you go back and watch his progression of videos, you can even see him go through voice change :-) I don't know why, but that absolutely kills me. His voice is just a little bit gravelly, which I always appreciate, and there's something about his understated style of video-making that's really appealing and inviting. I personally love his cover of "For the First Time" by the Script, which is one of my favorite songs anyway, and "Slow Dancing in a Burning Room" by John Mayer, another favorite of mine, which he did with his friend Cassidy Reiff. And his ORIGINALS! Oh my God, he is a mega-talented songwriter. I love his singing voice, but I would venture to say that he's an even better songwriter than he is a singer. They are honestly and complexly written and beautifully performed. Ari Zizzo is one to watch; I personally would love to collaborate with him one day!

3. Late Nite Reading
CHANNEL: LateNiteReading
18,770 subscribers (as of 6/14/2013)
1,274,387 video views (as of 6/14/2013)

Late Nite Reading, the pop-punk band composed of Dalton Wixom on lead vocals and guitar, Brady Szhuaj on bass, Clayton Collins on guitar and backup vocals, and Drew Cottrell on drums, is an absolute knockout. First of all, all four band members are adorable. That's always a plus. Secondly, they are all total goofballs; I haven't investigated the other two members, but Brady and Dalton both have YouTube channels in addition to the band channel where they post funny videos, and Brady's series "My Life in Color" is laugh out loud funny, if you don't mind severe language...:-) Anyway, this band's latest EP, "Walls," is superb. All the songs are pop-punk at its finest, with angsty lyrics that punch you in the gut and also make you want to head bang till your neck snaps. Boys, if you're reading this, that is a compliment! They've also done a few awesome covers (my favorites are "Pumped Up Kicks" by Foster the People and a Ke$ha/Justin Bieber/Taio Cruz mashup on "Die Young").

I also want to give a shoutout to the awesome rapper Kid Kodak and his group The Suburbs (channel: JetlagEnt2012)! They are absolutely amazing, and Kid Kodak and I are currently collaborating on a new song! We might even make a video this summer! Whoa! :-) Kodak has catchy lyrics and great flow, so if you're looking for an up-and-coming rap superstar, this is the channel for you!

See you guys later!

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