Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Still Got Legs...#coollikereference

I feel bad for not posting in a while...!!!

October Playlist will be up in a week or so! :) In other news, I'm working on a lot of cool projects right now...I just started revising my novel which I completed over the summer (!!!); I'm currently revising a one-act play that, in a few months, I will enter into a play writing festival at school; I'm writing a ton of music, of course, and soon one (or more!) of my songs is going to be in a student film which I'm REALLY excited about; in just ONE WEEK (from Friday) I'll be performing the song I wrote for a charitable organization, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Los Angeles, at their annual fundraising gala for the SECOND year in a row! It was such a great experience last year and I'm REALLY looking forward to doing it again. Plus, I wrote a movie script--a very short one, only five pages because it's a really short concept--and I have a friend who wants to direct it! He's the grade above me and he's already coordinated the two actors we need and hopefully soon we're gonna film it! Plus I'm writing another movie script that's a lot longer, like it'll be around 30-40 pages at completion, and I'll hopefully finish that one by winter break so I can film it with my other director friend, a girl in my grade.

Wow. Writing all that out made it seem like a lot, but I guess it is! Add all that on top of 4+ hours of homework a night as a junior at a very tough prep school...let's just say that my creative projects sometimes get neglected during the week, much to my chagrin. :'( It's okay! In due time I will be able to focus ALL my energy on music and writing, but first I have to get my diploma! Only ~1.8 years left!



Anyway, I'll be posting my October playlist soon, like I said, and ideally I'll come up with some more posts for this blog, like a few more YouTube Artist reviews, some pop culture forums, and if anybody reads this nonsense, you can comment on what you think of what I've been posting and we can get some discussions going about music, writing, pop culture, and just life in general, because I like to type and I like to talk.

Till next time! Get ready for some good music to match this glorious sweater weather!

Also, MY LICENSE TEST IS IN THREE DAYS! IN JUST 72 HOURS I MIGHT BE A LICENSED DRIVER IN THE STATE OF CALIFORNIA, LADIES AND GENTLEMEN! :-) Just thought I'd vent a little more of my excitement/nervousness about that. K thanks. Talk soon!

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