Thursday, December 26, 2013

UPDATE - 2 Posts in 1 Day?!

Hi, so I haven't been around since my last playlist, but I have an update for you as well as a new playlist in short order!

I posted a cover on my YouTube channel!

It's "Fix You" by Coldplay! If you could watch it and then share the link with friends and family (plus on all your social media), that would be BOMB :) Also, here are my links as a reminder:


Twitter: @mcraejensen



Instagram: @jensenmcrae

Follow, subscribe, and like to get instant updates on what I'm up to in the music world. Starting 2014 I'll be posting covers with a lot more regularity, so stay tuned for that. This video is a preview of what I'll be doing; acoustic, unplugged, and completely live covers shot with piano, guitar (if I can get some of my friends to help me out...), or totally a cappella. Aside from my professionally shot videos with professionally recorded and produced songs, I want everyone to get a sense of how I really sound. Plus, now that I've got a good camera, I can produce everything on my own with some rapidity.

I look forward to seeing your comments on my videos (which of course are always welcome). Tweet about my video, email the link to everyone you know, and post on your Facebook wall. It would mean so much if I could start building an audience. This is only the beginning. I want everyone to be part of this journey with me.

The December playlist will be up soon (possibly in a few minutes!) so check back shortly for that. See ya later, and thank you so much for reading and helping out in any way you can! <3

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