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Wednesday, December 23, 2015

December Playlist

December Playlist

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Unbelievably, we have arrived at my last playlist of 2015. It's been a little chilly here in LA (although of course, it's not a real winter by most standards)...

My fall semester grades came out today, and I did pretty well! Not quite as good as my older brother, but then again, not all of us can graduate a semester early from Harvard with a 4.0 GPA. (Yep.)

In any event, it's time for me to provide you with some tunes that will help you close out the year. I hope you like them! I really did! :)

1. "The Lung" - 4:53
ALBUM: Choose Your Weapon
ARTIST: Hiatus Kaiyote

2. "I Used to Love Him" - 5:40
ALBUM: The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill
ARTIST: Lauryn Hill

3. "No Pressure (feat. Big Sean)" - 4:47
ALBUM: Purpose
ARTIST: Justin Bieber

4. "Catch & Release (Deepend Remix)" - 3:16
ALBUM: Catch & Release (Deepend Remix) - Single
ARTIST: Matt Simons

5. "Lean On (feat. MØ)" - 2:57
ALBUM: Peace Is The Mission
ARTIST: Major Lazer & DJ Snake

6. "Different Colors" - 3:42

7. "Cassy O'" - 3:04
ALBUM: Wanted On Voyage
ARTIST: George Ezra

8. "Naked" - 3:22
ARTIST: X Ambassadors

9. "The Daylight" - 4:43
ALBUM: The Daylight EP
ARTIST: Andrew Belle

10. "Halo" - 3:19
ALBUM: The Morning
ARTIST: Lewis Watson

11. "Divorcée" - 3:29
ALBUM: The Widowmaker
ARTIST: Donovan Woods

12. "The Blower's Daughter" - 4:47
ARTIST: Damien Rice

13. "Shallows" - 6:54
ALBUM: If You Leave
ARTIST: Daughter

14. "Blood" - 5:17
ALBUM: If I Should Go Before You
ARTIST: City and Colour

15. "This Is After" - 3:15
ALBUM: Songs for Felix - EP
ARTIST: The Nova Darlings

16. "Samson" - 3:09
ALBUM: Begin to Hope
ARTIST: Regina Spektor

So those are the 16 songs I've been listening to this month. 2015 has really felt like two distinct parts, instead of 12, or 52, or 365...it's truly BC and AC (before and after college). I'd like to think I've grown and changed in some ways. A few weeks ago, I might have said that I hadn't. But now that I'm looking back at where I was on the last night of 2014, and where I am now, I feel pretty good about all the things I've accomplished. I've written a lot of great things. I've let go of childish fantasies that do me more harm than good to harbor. And I'm looking toward 2016 (and turning 19! Cool...) with excitement, not with dread.

Merry early Christmas, and happy early New Year. Talk soon. xo