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Friday, March 28, 2014

March Playlist

March Playlist

Heeeeey there! Weird that it's March already, right? Sorry for lack of posting...everywhere...but I'm on spring break now! Maybe a new cover is in order? ;)

I did a show at CAP Studios in Sherman Oaks about two weeks ago (has it been that long?!) and I might put up some videos from that on my website slash my YouTube channel. So look forward to that!

Anyway, I'm on break, so spring has officially sprung! God knows it's been warm in LA...for, well, ever...sorry east coasters! But March is almost over, so it's time for my monthly playlist. Lean back and enjoy!

1. "Ain't It Fun" - 4:56
ALBUM: Paramore
ARTIST: Paramore

2. "The Fire" - 2:51
ALBUM: The Fire - Single
ARTIST: Kina Grannis

3. "Who You Are" - 3:50
ALBUM: Who You Are
ARTIST: Jessie J

4. "Hold My Heart" - 4:32
ALBUM: Kaleidoscope Heart
ARTIST: Sara Bareilles

5. "Song of Good Hope" - 3:47
ALBUM: Rhythm and Repose (Deluxe Edition)
ARTIST: Glen Hansard

6. "The Stoop" - 2:53
ALBUM: The Stoop (Explicit)
ARTIST: Little Jackie

7. "Burning Questions" - 2:30
ALBUM: Fires
ARTIST: Ryan Dilmore

8. "Little Bird (Bonus Track)" - 3:43
ALBUM: + (Deluxe Edition)
ARTIST: Ed Sheeran

9. "Magic" - 4:45
ALBUM: Ghost Stories
ARTIST: Coldplay

10. "Paper Hearts" - 3:19
ALBUM: Foreword - EP
ARTIST: Tori Kelly

11. "The Hurry and the Harm" - 4:23
ALBUM: The Hurry and the Harm
ARTIST: City and Colour

12. "Anagram" - 4:54
ALBUM: Mind Over Matter
ARTIST: Young the Giant

13. "Art Is Dead" - 2:32
ALBUM: Words Words Words
ARTIST: Bo Burnham

14. "I Wanna Get Better" - 3:23
ALBUM: I Wanna Get Better - Single
ARTIST: Bleachers

15. "Crazy World and You" - 4:30
ALBUM: Kairos
ARTIST: Sam Brookes

16. "Channel 5 News: The Musical (Studio)" - 4:32
ALBUM: what.
ARTIST: Bo Burnham

17. "For Now" - 3:39
ALBUM: Works of Heart, Vol. 1
ARTIST: Jay Loftus

Sooo that'll do it! I go back to school April 7th (boo...) but for now I have a bit of a respite. I could use it; I'm wiped. When I do go back, I'll only have 7 more weeks of school left, which is pretty miraculous. It's a huge push, but it's the last push. I'm gonna have SO much work to do, but for now I'm trying to focus on sleeping. Which I should be doing right now; it's quite late. But I'm staying up, listening to this playlist and watching Supernatural (for the second time...), and just trying to sort through my thoughts. I think a lot. That's why I love music. It helps get some of the thoughts out of my head and into the atmosphere. I think I need it. I think we all do.

See ya soon!