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Friday, July 1, 2016

June Playlist

June Playlist

I KNOW. This is madness. June playlist coming a day late. But hey, maybe I'll start a new tradition on posting this thing on the first of every month...?

Anyway, here goes nothin. Spotify link: https://open.spotify.com/user/12149039602/playlist/2e0a90Ti1eyxH9AbnHfuO7

And now for the list of tunes under the cut (real short this time, but hang in there fam, July will probably be longer):

1. "It Ain't Me Babe" - 3:34
ALBUM: Another Side of Bob Dylan
ARTIST: Bob Dylan

2. "G Train" - 3:36
ALBUM: Searching
ARTIST: Thirdstory

3. "Take Me Dancing" - 3:10
ALBUM: Take Me Dancing
ARTIST: Will Joseph Cook

4. "The Joy" - 4:58
ALBUM: The Joy

5. "Tourist" - 3:46

6. "Indica" - 4:48
ALBUM: Dealer
ARTIST: Foxing

So yeah, that's actually it for what I listened to in June. I didn't listen to music all that much, which I get is weird, but if you can believe it, there wasn't much occasion for it. I read a lot, wrote a lot (in more than one medium), journaled a lot...but this month I plan on really diving into more music-listening (and maybe music learning, since I gotta get into fighting shape for fall term). I feel GOOD right now! It's weird that it's already July, that we're halfway through 2016, that at the end of next month I have to go back and do that whole college thing again, this time as a sophomore with way more responsibilities and expectations on my shoulders. But I'm ready for ya. One sophomore slump, please, hold the slump!

Talk soon. xo

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