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Wednesday, July 27, 2016

July Playlist

July Playlist

Hey fam! July has been a pretty good month, I think. Honestly, it's mostly blurring in my mind--Tumblr, journaling, songwriting, screenplay-writing, novel-writing, finally exercising...but mostly me laying on my bed and staring at a screen. LOL. Nothing has changed.

I leave for a quick vacation on August 1st, and the next time I post a monthly playlist, I'll be moved into my sophomore year house, which is INSANE, but anyway here is my music for the month of July! My last two playlists were quite anticlimactic, because I wasn't listening to much music, but I've been listening to these tracks constantly, so I hope you enjoy!

Spotify link: https://open.spotify.com/user/12149039602/playlist/0EhngKWmwDrDsFBvdbcuUV

1. "Plastic" - 2.37
ALBUM: Mid-City Island
ARTIST: Moses Sumney

2. "Emotions And Math" - 3:17
ALBUM: Emotions and Math
ARTIST: Margaret Glaspy

3. "Tilted" - 3:53
ALBUM: Christine And The Queens
ARTIST: Christine and the Queens

4. "Where's Your Heart Gone" - 4:10
ALBUM: Where's Your Heart Gone
ARTIST: Golden Youth

5. "After Rain" - 4:54
ALBUM: After Rain
ARTIST: Dermot Kennedy

6. "Rejoice" - 3:34
ALBUM: Sprained Ankle
ARTIST: Julien Baker

7. "Wildfire" - 4:13
ALBUM: Paradise Valley
ARTIST: John Mayer

8. "All Falls Down" - 3:44
ALBUM: The College Dropout
ARTIST: Kanye West, Syleena Johnson

9. "Bluegrass" - 5:19
ARTIST: Matt Phillips, Phil Harmonic

10. "Coffee" - 3:46

11. "Yellow Eyes" - 3:51
ALBUM: Yellow Eyes
ARTIST: Rayland Baxter

12. "Way Down We Go" - 3:40
ALBUM: Way Down We Go

13. "Getting Ready to Get Down" - 3:16
ALBUM: Getting Ready to Get Down
ARTIST: Josh Ritter

14. "Famous" - 3:16
ALBUM: The Life of Pablo
ARTIST: Kanye West

These are all the songs I've been listening to for the last three and a half weeks. I've been having a great summer so far, but I'm getting super excited for my second year of college. THINGS ARE CHANGING. For real this time. Let's do it.

Talk soon. xo

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