Sunday, August 18, 2013

August Playlist

Hey guys! I only have nine days left of summer...seriously weeping right now. But it has been August for a while, which means it's time for my August playlist. Here are my favorite songs for August!

Also, I'm gonna do something slightly different where I don't do any setup for the songs. I'm gonna let them to stand on their own. Tell me what you think (on another note, does anybody read this blog?!)

Listen to it in order or not, but just for the record, I usually do :-)
(Also I apologize for the absurd amount of Nana Grizol. My friend got me obsessed with "Ruth.")

August Playlist
1. "Galaxies" - 2:55
ALBUM: "Ruth"
ARTIST: Nana Grizol

2. "On Brevity" - 3:10
ALBUM: The Simple Life
ARTIST: Josh Woodward

3. "Empire" - 3:37
ALBUM: Everything Under the Sun
ARTIST: Jukebox the Ghost

4. "Mr. Brightside" - 3:42
ALBUM: Hot Fuss
ARTIST: The Killers

Side Note: I'm a terrible human being! The only song I know by The Killers is "Mr. Brightside!" Hipsters, please don't pour hot tea on me!!

5. "Cynicism" - 2:28
ALBUM: "Ruth"
ARTIST: Nana Grizol

6. "Sweater Weather" - 4:00
ALBUM: I Love You.
ARTIST: The Neighbourhood

7. "Manhattan" - 4:38
ALBUM: The Blessed Unrest
ARTIST: Sara Bareilles

Side Note: I have more Sara Bareilles on my iPod than any other artist, I think. Is that lame? Maybe? Okay, I'll take maybe over definitely.

8. "Quetzalcoatl is Born" - 2:21
ALBUM: Zopilote Machine
ARTIST: The Mountain Goats

9. "Gracias a La Vida" - 4:22
ALBUM: Serie Millennium: Mercedes Sosa
ARTIST: Mercedes Sosa

10. "From Here" - 3:01
ALBUM: "Ruth"
ARTIST: Nana Grizol

11. "Wake Me Up" - 4:09
ALBUM: "Wake Me Up - Single"
ARTIST: Avicii feat. Aloe Blacc

12. "Fly Girl" - 2:40
ALBUM: Playtime - EP
ARTIST: Two Worlds

I love EVERY SONG on "Playtime" but Fly Girl is just my JAM oh my God. Seriously, buy the EP and listen to it because it is so much fun to dance to and be a stereotypical teenager to. :-)

13. "Heart It Races (As Played by Dr. Dog)" - 3:51
ALBUM: Heart It Races - EP
ARTIST: Dr. Dog (originally by Architecture in Helsinki)

Okay, so let me know what you think of this new format, and I would love music suggestions and feedback on my music. Sorry I've been sort of AWOL, but you can always count on my monthly playlist plus a few little extras!

See ya later!

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Quick Update!

Hey ladies and gents! ;) Expect an August playlist soon!!

But in the meantime I have some updates!

1 - I'm going to start posting covers on my YouTube channel ( if you haven't checked it out yet :) haha), probably when I go back to school (which is in a couple weeks--whoa). My friend agreed to help me shoot some and we both have some cool ideas, so hopefully those will come out in the next couple months.

2 - Like I said, I go back to school soon, and even though I haven't been very active as it is, I probably won't be posting that much. But monthly playlists will still very much be a thing!

3 - This is just a promo for one of my favorite groups right now, Two Worlds, but they posted their first music video LITERALLY MINUTES AGO and released their EP on iTunes!!!!!! Their channel is and they are ABSURDLY talented!!!! Nick Voelker and Adiel Mitchell have beautiful voices and they are so versatile and gifted and I love them to death. Please go watch their music video for "Stay the Night" and buy their EP "Playtime" for only $3.99 on iTunes!! I just listened to all four songs all the way through, in order, and every single one is absolute perfection. Now I'm on my second listen :) listening as I type, actually!! So please go watch it!

That's all for now!
<3 <3 <3 <3 See ya later!