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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

April Playlist

April Playlist

Hiya! Can it be that the month of April is near its completion, that tomorrow is the last day? I really can't believe how fast 2014 is going by. I only have a little over a month left of junior year...WOO! I started this blog back in June, and I remember when I made my August playlist, I was angsting about how this year would turn out. Well, it's been a mixed bag, just like any other. There have been some highs and lows. But I gotta say it's been memorable and I wouldn't trade this year for anything (well, maybe a Grammy or two...but those'll come later!) In any case, here is my April playlist as we head into deep spring...and quite nearly summer...

1. "Re:Stacks" - 6:41
ALBUM: For Emma, Forever Ago
ARTIST: Bon Iver

2. "Wasting My Young Years" - 3:24
ALBUM: If You Wait
ARTIST: London Grammar

3. "John Doe (feat. Priscilla)" - 3:32
ALBUM: John Doe (feat. Priscilla) - Single

4. "Last Man Standing" - 3:41
ALBUM: Last Man Standing - Single
ARTIST: Will Champlin

5. "Breaking Blue" - 5:48
ALBUM: Kairos
ARTIST: Sam Brookes

6. "Goodbye Song" - 3:51

7. "Eff (Studio)" - 2:50
ALBUM: what.
ARTIST: Bo Burnham

8. "Fancy (feat. Charli XCX)" - 3:19
ALBUM: The New Classic (Deluxe Version)
ARTIST: Iggy Azalea

9. "Wings" - 4:12
ALBUM: Fire Within

10. "Eros" - 4:09
ALBUM: Mind Over Matter
ARTIST: Young the Giant

11. "Farmer & His Gun"- 3:54
ALBUM: Young Pilgrim (Deluxe)
ARTIST: Charlie Simpson

12. "Painting Roses" - 3:05
ALBUM: Sun Shy
ARTIST: Dresses

So that'll do it for my April playlist. Listen to it tonight and tomorrow and get a feeling of what I heard this past month. So much happened to me this month--really in the last week or so--and I'm exhausted. There are still APs and finals to contend with, but blessedly this incredibly difficult (and admittedly rewarding) school year is over. I hope you're all coping with that end-of-the-year slump with grace, and I hope you continue to read this blog. Music gets me through my toughest times and helps me celebrate the best life has to offer. I really want it to do the same thing for you.

Much love. See ya soon. :)

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