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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

May Playlist

May Playlist

Miraculously, I have one week of school left. Tomorrow is my first day of finals (precalc...ugh.) and next Wednesday at 10:15 a.m., I will be done with this insane year and I will officially be a senior.

What better way to spend the night before a final than to write up my playlist for this beautiful spring month?! (Studying, you say? Pfft.)

1. "Rude" - 3:44
ALBUM: Rude - Single

2. "Vanishing Act" - 3:26
ALBUM: Vanishing Act
ARTIST: Early Winters

3. "Fire N Gold" - 3:31
ALBUM: Young Blood - EP
ARTIST: Beatrice Miller

4. "Pink Matter" - 4:28
ARTIST: Frank Ocean

5. "Overture" - 3:34
ALBUM: Overture - Single
ARTIST: Charlie Puth

6. "Michael Myers Resplendent" - 2:53
ALBUM: Heretic Pride
ARTIST: The Mountain Goats

7. "You Set Me Free" - 3:49
ALBUM: You Set Me Free - Single
ARTIST: Angie Miller

8. "My Father's Father" - 3:20
ALBUM: Barton Hollow
ARTIST: The Civil War

9. "Nowhere" - 3:10

10. "All in My Head" - 3:30
ALBUM: Handmade Songs By Tori Kelly - EP
ARTIST: Tori Kelly

11. "Stay With Me" - 2:52
ALBUM: In The Lonely Hour (Deluxe Version)
ARTIST: Sam Smith

12. "Message In a Bottle (Live in Birmingham)"
ALBUM: Any Given Thursday (Live)
ARTIST: John Mayer

And that'll just about wrap it up for my May Playlist! Today was the last full day of classes, so all the seniors counted down till the end of school and then jumped in the pool, screaming and celebratory. As usual, I was lost in my own musings about the nature of time (as well as skittering to avoid being hit by a water balloon...I got hit once, but luckily was barely soaked). In any case, in these last few days of May, give these 12 songs a listen and you'll see what I was thinking and feeling this month. When I post next month's playlist, I'll be well into summer, probably about to go to VidCon (at which I'll be performing! Details at vidcon.com/open-mic) or some other adventure. May is all about spring and therefore beginnings, but also about summer and therefore endings. My junior year has been FULL of ups and downs, but this time in 2015, I'll be getting ready for college. Whoa. Here's to another successful year. Cheers.

See ya soon,

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