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Monday, September 22, 2014

September Playlist

September Playlist

Hey dudes! So…senior year is a thing. (As is illness, which I am currently overcoming. Cough.) I've got some Middle East reading to do, but quite frankly, I'm not in the mood at the present moment. So instead I decided to deliver my September tunes unto you. This month is in its last leg, and today is technically the first day of autumn, even though the 90º+ forecast for this week would have you believing otherwise. Oh, silly Los Angeles. Where are your seasons? (Honestly, I love the sun. I love sweater weather too, of course, but I really do dig summer time). I don't know seasonally appropriate these songs are, but I've been listening to them a lot, and they're pretty great. So check them out! Also, I'm having trouble dealing with October's imminence. OCTOBER?! No, my internal clock still feels like it's August. Maybe once the leaves start changing, I'll get out of the weird mood I've been in. Oh, and finishing college apps. That'll really set me back on track. Which reminds me…once I get over this sickness thing, I've gotta refilm my songwriting auditions! Gah! Deadline is November 1st! Be proactive, future me!

In any event. The songs, as promised…

1. "Stick" - 3:35
ALBUM: Lights Out
ARTIST: Ingrid Michaelson

2. "Maps" - 3:10
ARTIST: Maroon 5

3. "All About That Bass" - 3:08
ALBUM: All About That Bass - Single
ARTIST: Meghan Trainor

4. "OctaHate" - 3:26
ALBUM: Promises - EP
ARTIST: Ryn Weaver

5. "Striking Distance" - 2:13
ALBUM: Siren
ARTIST: Young Summer

6. "Celestial" - 3:24
ALBUM: Handmade Songs By Tori Kelly - EP
ARTIST: Tori Kelly

7. "Touch" - 3:35
ARTIST: Troye Sivan

8. "Winter Is All Over You" - 3:39
ALBUM: The Big Black and the Blue
ARTIST: First Aid Kit

9. "Don't Know You" - 4:13
ALBUM: Don't Know You - Single
ARTIST: Tall Tales

10. "Missing the War" - 4:18
ALBUM: Whatever and Ever Amen
ARTIST: Ben Folds Five

11. "You've Got Her In Your Pocket" - 3:39
ALBUM: Elephant
ARTIST: The White Stripes

12. "Kentish Town Waltz" - 4:50
ALBUM: Mayhem
ARTIST: Imelda May

13. "Slow Dancing In a Burning Room" - 4:02
ALBUM: Continuum
ARTIST: John Mayer

14. "Darling" - 2:56
ALBUM: The Say Max - EP

15. "From Eden" - 4:43
ALBUM: Hozier
ARTIST: Hozier

16. "In the Cold, Cold Night" - 2:58
ALBUM: Elephant
ARTIST: The White Stripes

17. "The Only Way to My Heart…"
ALBUM: Foxy Shazam
ARTIST: Foxy Shazam

That'll wrap it up for my September playlist! Yes, there ARE two songs off 'Elephant' in this one, but only because it is maybe one of the best albums of all time and if you disagree, then ????!!!!! But yeah, I still have a lot of White Stripes to get through; I started listening to 'White Blood Cells' and couldn't get into it, but who knows? Anyway, this is what I've been listening to, I hope you give these 17 songs a chance, and I hope you even like 'em! Next time we talk will probably be October, but the only thing spooky about my month will be the Common App, and therefore, my future…*ghoulish laughter*

See ya soon! xo

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