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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

October Playlist

October Playlist

Heyo! October is in its final days, which means it's time for my…drumroll, please…October playlist! I went to Cambridge to visit my brother at college last week, so I was listening to this playlist loads on the plane, in the library at his school, etc; let's just say these songs got a lot of mileage. Enjoy!

1. "Drowning" - 4:09
ALBUM: Goddess

2. "Let It Go" - 4:21
ALBUM: Let It Go - EP
ARTIST: James Bay

3. "I'll Be Good" - 4:08
ALBUM: Habits of My Heart - EP
ARTIST: Jaymes Young

4. "Run" - 4:07
ALBUM: Smother - Single
ARTIST: Daughter

5. "Lying to You" - 5:19
ALBUM: Birthdays (Deluxe Edition)
ARTIST: Keaton Henson

6. "Sideways" - 5:22
ALBUM: The Clarence Greenwood Recordings
ARTIST: Citizen Cope

7. "Watching" - 5:52

8. "Say You Love Me" - 4:17
ALBUM: Tough Love (Deluxe Version)
ARTIST: Jessie Ware

9. "Angel of Small Death and the Codeine Scene" - 3:39
ALBUM: Hozier
ARTIST: Hozier

10. "Girls Chase Boys" - 3:41
ALBUM: Lights Out
ARTIST: Ingrid Michaelson

11. "Tighten Up" - 3:31
ALBUM: Brothers
ARTIST: The Black Keys

12. "Undisclosed Desires" - 3:56
ALBUM: The Resistance

13. "Let It Be" - 3:06
ALBUM: Let It Be - Single
ARTIST: Labrinth

14. "Unbelievers" - 3:22
ALBUM: Modern Vampires of the City
ARTIST: Vampire Weekend

And that'll just about do it for my October playlist! Hope you're enjoying the fall, wherever you are; Massachusetts in October is absolutely gorgeous and autumnal, and LA…well, it's always sunny here, isn't it? :) Expect more music (and life) posts from me in the near future, and keep an eye on my YouTube channel (youtube.com/jensenmcraeofficial), my Twitter (@mcraejensen) and my official site (jensenmcrae.com) for more updates about MY music! Talk soon. xo

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