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Sunday, January 25, 2015

January Playlist

January Playlist

Happy end-of-January, y'all! Second semester has started and senioritis levels are at an all-time high, at least by my estimations. LA is as temperate as its ever been, but technically we are in the dead of winter, and I owe you a monthly playlist.

(Shirking art history studying? Who, me?)
(PS sorry in advance for all the John Mayer Room for Squares stuff. Couldn't quite help m'self.)

1. "Love Song for No One" - 3:21
ALBUM: Room for Squares
ARTIST: John Mayer

2. "Arsonist's Lullabye" - 4:26
ALBUM: From Eden - EP
ARTIST: Hozier

3. "Paper Planes" - 3:19
ALBUM: Out to Sea - EP
ARTIST: Tom Misch & Carmody

4. "Gooey" - 4:49
ALBUM: Gooey - EP
ARTIST: Glass Animals

5. "Supernatural" - 3:59
ALBUM: Mischief Mixtape [2009]
ARTIST: Miguel

6. "Personal" - 3:54
ALBUM: Sweet Talker
ARTIST: Jessie J

7. "Starring Role" - 3:27
ALBUM: Electra Heart
ARTIST: Marina and The Diamonds

8. "Love Me Like You Do (From "Fifty Shades of Grey") - 4:12
ALBUM: Love Me Like You Do ("From Fifty Shades of Grey") - Single
ARTIST: Ellie Goulding

9. "Break Your Heart Right Back (feat. Childish Gambino)" - 4:13
ALBUM: My Everything
ARTIST: Ariana Grande

10. "City Love" - 4:00
ALBUM: Room for Squares
ARTIST: John Mayer

11. "Best That I Can" - 3:30
ALBUM: Dream Your Life Away
ARTIST: Vance Joy

12. "Ghosts" - 3:47
ALBUM: Acoustic - EP
ARTIST: Gabrielle Aplin

13. "Pale Lung" - 4:28
ALBUM: Pale Lung - Single
ARTIST: Robyn Sherwell

14. "Green Eyes" - 3:43
ALBUM: A Rush of Blood To the Head
ARTIST: Coldplay

15. "Beach Baby" - 2:40
ALBUM: Blood Bank - EP
ARTIST: Bon Iver

16. "What If It Was" - 3:23
ALBUM: Unseen - EP
ARTIST: Tayler Buono

17. "If You Ever Want To Be In Love" - 4:00
ALBUM: Chaos and the Calm
ARTIST: James Bay

18. "My Stupid Mouth" - 3:44
ALBUM: Room for Squares
ARTIST: John Mayer

That'll do it for now. January has been an awfully odd start to 2015, but I think I like it. Gears are turning and big things are in store for me. For all of us. As for the present…well, I say live in the moment. I'm just itching to graduate, and I don't buy into the "senior year is the best year of your life" nonsense any more than I did the "high school is the best four years of your life" nonsense. It's not the best. It's not the worst (well, maybe it is), but it's not the best. I've only got four and half months left, so I'm gonna do what I do best: stay home and study. Oh, and write a ton of songs. :)

'Til next time! xo

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