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Friday, January 29, 2016

January Playlist

January Playlist

Well, we've all got our first month of 2016 under our belt, which means it's time for me to give you guys a playlist of what I've been bumping. I decided to change things up this year, and make public playlists on Spotify for everything I listen to! So here's a link:


If you want to get a preview of what's on there, though, here are the tracks all written out the old-fashioned way:

1. "Fly - Acoustic" - 3:32
ARTIST: Meadowlark

2. "Georgia" - 3:51
ALBUM: Dream Your Life Away
ARTIST: Vance Joy

3. "Chateau Lobby #4 (in C for Two Virgins)" - 2:51
ALBUM: I Love You, Honeybear
ARTIST: Father John Misty

4. "Something" - 3:53
ALBUM: Sprained Ankle
ARTIST: Julien Baker

5. "The New Year" - 4:06
ALBUM: Transatlanticism
ARTIST: Death Cab for Cutie

6. "Everything is Temporary" - 4:06
ALBUM: Songs for Felix
ARTIST: The Nova Darlings

7. "Devil Side" - 3:59
ALBUM: Devil Side

8. "Way Back When" - 3:26
ALBUM: In A Perfect World
ARTIST: Kodaline

9. "T-Shirt Weather" - 3:14
ALBUM: T-Shirt Weather
ARTIST: Circa Waves

10. "Reaper" - 3:38
ALBUM: This Is Acting

11. "Outer Space feat. Genevieve)" - 3:31
ALBUM: Outer Space (feat. Genevieve) - Single
ARTIST: G, Genevieve

12. "Loudspeaker" - 3:30
ALBUM: Loudspeaker - Single

13. Heartbeats" - 2:42
ALBUM: Imperial Recordings Best Of
ARTIST: José Gonzalez

14. "The Sound" - 4:09
ALBUM: The Sound
ARTIST: The 1975

15. "Feels" - 3:03
ALBUM: Feels
ARTIST: Kiiara

16. "You're Such A" - 3:36
ARTIST: Hailee Steinfeld

17. "Worry" - 4:01
ALBUM: Remnants
ARTIST: Jack Garratt

18. "1612" - 3:20
ALBUM: Fugue State
ARTIST: Vulfpeck

19. "Elevate" - 5:08
ALBUM: When The Night
ARTIST: St. Lucia

20. "Clay & Cast Iron" - 2:56
ALBUM: Birds Say
ARTIST: Darlingside

Those are the 20 songs I've been listening to this past month! 2016 is off to a good start. I'm feeling mostly content and calm (even though I've got a WRIT-150 essay to finish and a whole boatload of cover sheets for performance class to do...but let's not muddy this beautiful Friday with talk of schoolwork). I'm eating healthy, dressing confidently, and just in general trying to enjoy my life. I've been writing down good memories every day and putting them in this ceramic box I've got in my dorm room. At the end of the semester, I'm gonna dump 'em all out and look at all the cool things I did. I've tried to do it before but I always forgot; here's hoping I keep it up! On an unrelated note...don't give up hope. Don't put your life on hold for someone that isn't making themselves available to you, for whatever reason. But if you've been waiting a little while...well, there's gotta be a reason, right? So keep moving forward and living and making changes--but save a little space inside yourself for the waiting thing. It might surprise you someday. Talk soon. xo

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