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Sunday, February 28, 2016

February Playlist

February Playlist

Hey there, fam! It's time for another monthly playlist, this one coming in just under the wire. Thank goodness for leap day, right?

This month has been great in a lot of ways. I shot the short film I wrote with a great group of friends, and just last week I got to perform for Lamont Dozier, one of the most influential songwriters in the history of American pop music. But this month also kept me pretty grounded and stable. I've kept up my healthy eating regimen and continued losing weight. I feel like a person, almost. But I'm very much ready for spring break, which is just two weeks away now...

Anyway, onto the tunes! You can check it out for yourself on Spotify here - https://open.spotify.com/user/12149039602/playlist/5JTrB7QGv33ShiXUeBLqwH - or view the tracks I've got listed just down below. Happy listening!

1. "The Animals" - 3:45
ALBUM: The Switch
ARTIST: Emily King

2. "Elijah" - 4:10
ALBUM: Elijah
ARTIST: Matthew and the Atlas

3. "Georgia" - 4:04
ALBUM: The Seven EP
ARTIST: Emily King

4. "Fidelity" - 3:46
ALBUM: Begin to Hope
ARTIST: Regina Spektor

5. "The Wait" - 2:15
ARTIST: Tobias Jesso Jr.

6. "Dark Side of the Moon" - 3:27
ALBUM: American Soft
ARTIST: Chris Staples

7. "Rusty Old American Dream" - 2:38
ALBUM: How Did You Find Me Here
ARTIST: David Wilcox

8. "We Don't Talk Anymore (feat. Selena Gomez)" - 3:38
ALBUM: Nine Track Mind
ARTIST: Charlie Puth

9. "River" - 3:41
ALBUM: River
ARTIST: Bishop

10. "Blossom" - 3:44
ALBUM: Carry The Ghost
ARTIST: Noah Gundersen

11. "All the Ways" - 3:33
ALBUM: All the Ways

12. "Better" - 3:06
ALBUM: Better

13. "Love Yourself" - 3:54
ALBUM: Purpose
ARTIST: Justin Bieber

14. "To Know Him Is To Love Him - Live" - 2:24
ALBUM: Back to Black: B-Sides
ARTIST: Amy Winehouse

15. "Love Within" - 3:00
ALBUM: Shangri La EP
ARTIST: James Tillman

16. "Money Can't Buy (Single)" - 3:22
ALBUM: Money Can't Buy (Single)
ARTIST: Howard

17. "After The Storm" - 4:08
ALBUM: Sigh No More
ARTIST: Mumford & Sons

That'll do it for my February playlist. My spring semester is really flying by. It's hard to believe that soon I'll be done with my freshman year. It seems so recent that I was in high school, dreaming of this mythical better life on the other side of graduation, and yet also so very distant in the past. The thing I've realized about growing up is that I find myself looking back at who I was five or ten years ago and wondering what it is she would think of me now. I think she'd be proud. I hope so.

Talk soon, everybody. xo

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