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Friday, July 25, 2014

July Playlist

July Playlist

You can read my post about Grammy camp here; it was my last one. Camp friends, you might recognize a couple of these songs from our Spotify playlist.

It's been quite a month. Here are some songs.

1. "The Simplest Things" - 3:01
ALBUM: The Simplest Things - EP
ARTIST: Natalie Holmes

2. "Tessellate (Bonus Track)" - 3:57
ALBUM: Halcyon Days (Deluxe Edition)
ARTIST: Ellie Goulding

3. "Drown" - 3:38
ALBUM: Aware
ARTIST: Front Porch Step

4. "Merry Happy" - 5:27
ALBUM: Made of Bricks
ARTIST: Kate Nash

5. "Only Love" - 4:09
ALBUM: Every Kingdom
ARTIST: Ben Howard

6. "Words As Weapons (US Version)" - 3:41
ALBUM: Fire Within

7. "Habits (Stay High)" - 3:29
ALBUM: Truth Serum - EP

8. "Dracula" - 2:52
ALBUM: Young Blood - EP
ARTIST: Bea Miller

9. "Famous" - 3:19
ALBUM: Famous - Single
ARTIST: Katy Tiz

There is a real possibility that I included this on an earlier playlist, but I honestly can't remember...sorry if I did! :)

10. "Rock & Roll" - 4:00
ALBUM: Sounds Like This
ARTIST: Eric Hutchinson

11. "Right By You"
ALBUM: Right By You - Single
ARTIST: Justin Nozuka

12. "The Matthew Effect" - 3:16
ALBUM: Nothing More
ARTIST: Nothing More

13. "Wth (feat. Ab-Soul)" - 3:19
ALBUM: Sail Out
ARTIST: Jhene Aiko

14. "A Case of You" - 4:25
ARTIST: Joni Mitchell

15. "Count Me Out" - 3:46
ALBUM: Foxy Shazam
ARTIST: Foxy Shazam

16. "Dlm" - 2:25
ALBUM: Overgrown
ARTIST: James Blake

17. "Coattails" - 3:15
ALBUM: Broods - EP
ARTIST: Broods

As July winds down, now you've got 17 new (or maybe old) tunes to listen to. Hopefully August will bring some calm. And some answers. See you guys next month.

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