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Wednesday, December 24, 2014

December Playlist

December Playlist

Merry Christmas Eve! Okay everyone, so 2014 only has one week left, which means only one thing--time for my December playlist! ;) Here are the songs I couldn't stop listening to this month.

1. "Dark Coffee" - 5:00
ARTIST: Daniela Andrade

2. "Elysium" - 3:26
ALBUM: Islands
ARTIST: Bear's Den

3. "Still (Live)" - 4:14
ALBUM: Back to You - EP
ARTIST: Jake Isaac

4. "Free Fallin' (Live)" - 4:23
ALBUM: Where the Light Is: John Mayer Live in Los Angeles
ARTIST: John Mayer

5. "Unwind" - 4:47
ALBUM: Fractures
ARTIST: Fractures

6. "Ran Before the Storm" - 6:39
ALBUM: Little Giant
ARTIST: Roo Panes

7. "Is There Somewhere" - 3:31
ALBUM: Room 93 - EP
ARTIST: Halsey

8. "Return to Me" - 3:18
ALBUM: Dreamt For Light Years In The Belly Of A Mountain
ARTIST: Sparklehorse

9. "We Don't Eat" - 4:53
ALBUM: Early In The Morning
ARTIST: James Vincent McMorrow

10. "With You" - 4:26
ALBUM: Out to Sea - EP
ARTIST: Tom Misch & Carmody

11. "Illume" - 4:05

12. "Holding On" - 3:53
ALBUM: Holding On - Single

13. "505" - 4:13
ALBUM: Favourite Worst Nightmare
ARTIST: Arctic Monkeys

14. "You're Not the One" - 2:45
ALBUM: Confluence
ARTIST: Zane Carney

15. "Jackie and Wilson" - 3:43
ALBUM: Hozier
ARTIST: Hozier

16. "Something From Nothing" - 4:48
ALBUM: Sonic Highways
ARTIST: Foo Fighters

17. "Love Robbery" - 3:03
ALBUM: Chase Dreams
ARTIST: Kalin and Myles

18. "Wassiye" - 4:46
ARTIST: Habib Koité & Kélétigui Diabaté

19. "Papaoutai" - 3:52
ALBUM: Racine carrée
ARTIST: Stromae

20. "In Your Atmosphere (Live)" - 5:45
ALBUM: Where the Light Is: John Mayer Live in Los Angeles
ARTIST: John Mayer

I hope you enjoy these twenty tunes as we coast into 2015. I've had an unforgettable, incredible year, and I'm looking forward to an even better one come January. My senior year is almost half over, so in a few months I'll decide where I'm going to college…that's nuts. But there you have it. I watched "Boyhood" last night, and the movie ends on two characters discussing the old adage "seize the moment," and how in fact, the moment seizes us. There's something to that. It seems like the people around me are constantly seized by their own moments. God knows I am.

Happy holidays. xo

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