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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

April Playlist

April Playlist

Hey, guys! It's bright and early on a beautiful Tuesday morning in April, and I'm at school…so why not throw up a monthly playlist before I have to hustle off to creative writing class?

(What? Write my English paper, you say? Hilarious suggestion! On an unrelated topic, your suggestion privileges have been revoked.)

Enjoy these 9 (gosh, short one this time) tunes as we coast into the gorgeousness that is May in Los Angeles…or, well, whatever you are!

1. "Lonely People" - 3:09
ALBUM: Lonely People - EP
ARTIST: Orla Gartland

2. "Let's Get Started" - 3:27
ALBUM: Adventures in Real Time
ARTIST: Dylan Gardner

3. "Gibberish (feat. Hoodie Allen)" - 3:23
ALBUM: Gibberish (feat. Hoodie Allen) - Single

4. "Going Nowhere" - 3:34
ALBUM: Reflection
ARTIST: Fifth Harmony

5. "Love Somebody" - 4:09
ALBUM: Love Somebody - EP
ARTIST: Robyn Sherwell

6. "Fair Game" - 3:51
ALBUM: 1000 Forms of Fear

7. "Bigger Than My Body" - 4:25
ALBUM: Heavier Things
ARTIST: John Mayer

8. "Blindsided" - 5:29
ALBUM: For Emma, Forever Ago
ARTIST: Bon Iver & St. Vincent

9. "Muddy Hymnal" - 2:43
ALBUM: The Creek Drank the Cradle
ARTIST: Iron & Wine

Hope you liked this slightly shorter monthly playlist. I really loved listening to all these tracks, but I can't wait to see what new music I discover in May. Perhaps you've noticed that my little "end-of-playlist" tags no longer contain rambling musings in which I wax rhapsodic about time…but fear not! When my senior year winds down to its official close, there will be a whole post devoted to my thoughts on the passage of time and growing up and…well, college. But until then, I'm gonna keep doing what I always do--writing :) See ya around! xo

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