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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

August Playlist

August Playlist

Coming to you live from the beautiful University of Southern California!

The first week or so of school has been absolutely awesome. I've met some of the most incredible people, I've started taking my (unbelievably cool) pop classes, and in general, I just feel like I couldn't have made a better choice about college.

In true Jensen McRae fashion, it's the end of the month, so I owe you (if anyone reads this...) a monthly playlist. I'll try to get a lengthy, philosophically sprawling blog post about time or growing up on here soon, but no promises. My work load is only going to get crazier from here...

1. "This Is Sally Hatchet" - 3:58
ALBUM: Fear Fun
ARTIST: Father John Misty

2. "East of Eden" - 3:06
ALBUM: Kicker
ARTIST: Zella Day

3. "All Those Pretty Lights (Alternate Universe Version)" - 5:53
ALBUM: The Daylight EP
ARTIST: Andrew Belle

4. "This House Is a Hotel" - 3:31
ALBUM: From the Wreckage
ARTIST: The Wind and the Wave

5. "What Would I Do Without You" - 2:52
ALBUM: Good Light
ARTIST: Drew Holcomb & The Neighbors

6. "All Our Lives (Needy Me)" - 4:17
ALBUM: The Acoustic Deleted EP
ARTIST: Max Milner

7. "Ghosts That We Knew" - 5:40
ALBUM: Babel
ARTIST: Mumford & Sons

8. "Beautiful Goodbye" - 4:18
ALBUM: Overexposed
ARTIST: Maroon 5

9. "Afraid of the Dark" - 3:16
ALBUM: Bad Girls - EP

10. "The Way (feat. Chance the Rapper)" - 4:23
ALBUM: You Should Be Here
ARTIST: Kehlani

11. "Art of Letting You Go" - 3:35
ALBUM: Unbreakable Smile
ARTIST: Tori Kelly

12. "So Fly" - 3:38
ALBUM: Perfectly Imperfect
ARTIST: Elle Varner

13. "Barcelona" - 3:09
ALBUM: Wanted On Voyage
ARTIST: George Ezra

14. "Kill Me (And Make It Quick)" - 3:45
ALBUM: Take the World
ARTIST: Amelie

15. "Cheerleader" - 3:00
ALBUM: Young & Free

That'll do it for now! I have to dash off to performance class in a few minutes, but I hope you give these tunes a listen and enjoy what you hear! My heart and my brain are all over the place these days, but rest assured, the first few days of college are exhilarating and terrifying and amazing. So go forth. Godspeed, readers. Talk soon. xo

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