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Monday, March 28, 2016

March Playlist

March Playlist

Yo. It's time for this thing. I'm so ready for this semester to be over. Only five weeks to go till summer...


In all honesty, I've had a really great first year of college so far, but I'm totally wiped from all this music-learning and rehearsing and paper-writing and socializing with other humans. This whole college thing takes a lot out of you. But I've got my tunes, so that's a plus. Here we go. The Spotify link: https://open.spotify.com/user/12149039602/playlist/3Cva3C17VU4tf1yrfA9tnU and the list of tracks:

1. "In My Life" - 2:26
ALBUM: Rubber Soul
ARTIST: The Beatles

2. "The Heaviest Stars" -3:59
ALBUM: Ford Turrell
ARTIST: Ford Turrell

3. "Pretty Words" - 4:58
ALBUM: Little Sway
ARTIST: Crissi Cochrane

4. "Lover Come Back" - 3:55
ALBUM: If I Should Go Before You
ARTIST: City and Colour

5. "Sleeping in My T-Shirt" - 3:37
ALBUM: Lip Service
ARTIST: Zak Waters

6. "For You" - 3:02
ALBUM: Bitter Pill
ARTIST: Gavin James

7. "Girls Like Me" - 3:15
ALBUM: Girls Like Me
ARTIST: Will Joseph Cook

8. "Hand Covers Bruise" - 4:19
ALBUM: The Social Network
ARTIST: Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross

9. "Lift Me Up (feat. Nick Hakim)" - 3:51
ALBUM: Red Balloon

10. "Again" - 2:56
ALBUM: Anything.
ARTIST: Def Sound

11. "Drive" - 3:16
ALBUM: Oh Wonder
ARTIST: Oh Wonder

12. "Museum of Flight" - 2:51
ALBUM: Maraqopa
ARTIST: Damien Jurado

13. "American Beauty" - 2:38
ALBUM: Medicine
ARTIST: Drew Holcomb & The Neighbors

14. "Campus" - 2:56
ALBUM: Vampire Weekend
ARTIST: Vampire Weekend

15. "Lost in My Mind" - 4:19
ALBUM: The Head and the Heart
ARTIST: The Head and the Heart

16. "If the Hudson Overflows" - 3:57
ALBUM: Aerogramme
ARTIST: Goldspot

17. "Good to Sea" - 3:12
ALBUM: Autumn of the Seraphs
ARTIST: Pinback

18. "Anchor" - 4:16
ALBUM: Anchor
ARTIST: Novo Amor

19. "The African Way - Live In New York" - 4:45
ALBUM: The Dusty Food On The Road

20. "Love And Happiness" - 5:04
ALBUM: Greatest Hits
ARTIST: Al Green

21. "Colors" - 2:40
ALBUM: Amos Lee
ARTIST: Amos Lee

22. "Pain In My Heart" - 2:25
ALBUM: Pain In My Heart
ARTIST: Otis Redding

23. "In The Waiting Line" - 4:32
ARTIST: Zero 7

That'll do it for this one. The next playlist I post will probably be my last day of classes, or around then, at least, which boggles the mind. I vividly remember move-in day, my first day of classes, my first pop midterm...all of it. Maybe I'll write a post about this ridiculously busy, seismically shifting year. But maybe when all this finally ends, I'll just lay face down and stop scribbling my thoughts everywhere. We'll see. Talk soon. xo

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