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Friday, April 29, 2016

April Playlist

April Playlist

As promised, here is my April playlist, live from the last day of classes for spring term!

So freshman year is basically done. I've got some finals the next two weeks, but only just barely. This is strange.

Here are my tunes for this month. Spotify link - https://open.spotify.com/user/12149039602/playlist/3W35KQQvJJUPUNlqiFdyma - and songs under the cut:

1. "Need Somebody to Love" - 6:00
ALBUM: This is My EP
ARTIST: Ady Suleiman

2. "Don't Tell Our Friends About Me" - 5:20
ALBUM: Heigh Ho
ARTIST: Blake Mills

3. "Bloodstyle" - 3:25
ALBUM: Half About Being a Woman
ARTIST: Caroline Smith

4. "Things Are Changin' - Live [Solo Acoustic] - 4:31
ALBUM: The Bright Lights - Australian Tour Edition
ARTIST: Gary Clark Jr.

5. "Better Man" - 4:43
ALBUM: Count Your Blessings
ARTIST: George Ogilvie

6. "Everything To Me" - 3:23
ALBUM: Hand Picked vol 2
ARTIST: Mark Wilkinson

7. "Open Arms" - 3:49
ALBUM: Open Arms
ARTIST: RKCB, Demo Taped

8. "Hometown Hero" - 3:44
ALBUM: The Bearer of Bad News
ARTIST: Andy Shauf

9. "To Be Alone With You" - 2:48
ALBUM: Seven Swans
ARTIST: Sufjan Stevens

10. "Kids These Days" - 3:33
ALBUM: Jillian Jacqueline
ARTIST: Jillian Jacqueline

11. "Angela" - 3:22
ALBUM: Angela
ARTIST: The Lumineers

12. "Love Is Beginning" - 3:43
ALBUM: Sunlight
ARTIST: Imaginary Future

13. "How Can I" - 3:22
ALBUM: Short Movie
ARTIST: Laura Marling

14. "Beach" - 2:56
ALBUM: Proof Enough EP
ARTIST: Will Joseph Cook

15. "Call It Heaven (feat. Esmé Patterson)" - 3:11
ALBUM: And The War Came
ARTIST: Shakey Graves

16. "You Go Down Smooth" - 3:29
ALBUM: Bad Self Portraits
ARTIST: Lake Street Dive

17. "Boys Like You" - 3:15
ALBUM: Boys Like You
ARTIST: Who Is Fancy, Meghan Trainor, Ariana Grande

18. "Someone New" - 4:41
ALBUM: Goddess

19. "I Had a Real Good Lover" - 6:32
ALBUM: Mouthoil
ARTIST: The Shouting Matches

20. "Mama, You Been On My Mind" - 2:55
ALBUM: The Bootleg Series Volumes 1-3 (Rare and Unreleased) 1961-1991
ARTIST: Bob Dylan

Those are the 20 songs I've been bumping this month, plus a good vibes playlist I created I may post here at some point. Freshman year was...I don't want to list adjectives, because they always feel cliche. But rest assured that freshman year was. And yours will be too.

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