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Tuesday, May 31, 2016

May Playlist

May Playlist

Hey all. Summer is being enjoyed, Criminal Minds is being binged, and smoothies are being blended. I'm living it up. Haven't listened to this playlist all that much, but they're all beautiful tunes. Enjoy, my friends.

1. "Bang Bang" - 3:04
ALBUM: Bang Bang
ARTIST: Lawrence Taylor

2. "Fools" - 3:24
ALBUM: Fools
ARTIST: Wild Child

3. "Whenever You Hold Me" - 2:53

4. "Simple Twist of Fate" - 4:17
ALBUM: Blood On The Tracks
ARTIST: Bob Dylan

5. "Punks and Poets" - 4:04
ARTIST: Elliot Root

6. "Home of Stone" - 3:47
ALBUM: Home of Stone
ARTIST: Max Pope

7. "So They Say" - 2:57
ALBUM: September Songs
ARTIST: Rukhsana Merrise

8. "Can't Stop the Feeling" -  3:56
ALBUM: Can't Stop the Feeling
ARTIST: Justin Timberlake

9. "California" - 3:05
ALBUM: Jakarta
ARTIST: Kina Grannis

A short playlist for a month too full for much reflective music listening. Next couple months, I plan to  listen to more. This summer, I'm trying to take care of myself and prepare for what will surely be a grueling school year ahead. I always thought I knew exactly who I was. But hey, maybe I'm wrong. I think a lot of things are about to change for me. Or at least, I hope they do.

Talk soon. xo

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