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Sunday, September 22, 2013

September Playlist

With school well underway, me (finally!) 16, and the autumn weather just starting to peek through the indomitable heat of LA, it is time for none other than my September playlist!

Listen in or out of order. I just love these songs, and I think they're a great transition from summer music into some mellower fall stuff. I'm ready for sweaters and pumpkins and all that jazz. Even though God knows LA is basically a weather controlled bubble…hey, let's be honest, as much as we'd all love some seasons, you can't hate warm weather year round! Anyway, here are my latest fall tracks! :)

1. "Boomerang" - 3:31
ALBUM: Legendary
ARTIST: The Summer Set

2. "Chocolate" - 3:47
ALBUM: The 1975
ARTIST: The 1975

3. "Replay" - 3:29
ALBUM: Replay - Single
ARTIST: Zendaya

4. "I Wish (feat. T.I.) - 3:31
ALBUM: I Wish (feat. T.I.) - Single
ARTIST: Cher Lloyd

5. "Chasing the Sun" - 4:28
ALBUM: The Blessed Unrest
ARTIST: Sara Bareilles

6. "First Day of My Life" - 3:08
ALBUM: I'm Wide Awake It's Morning
ARTIST: Bright Eyes

7. "Stop This Train" - 4:45
ALBUM: Continuum
ARTIST: John Mayer

8. "Joy of Nothing" - 5:02
ALBUM: Joy of Nothing
ARTIST: Foy Vance

9. "There Will Be No Divorce" - 2:51
ALBUM: The Coroner's Gambit
ARTIST: The Mountain Goats

10. "I Want You So Bad I Can't Breathe" - 3:22
ALBUM: Of the Blue Colour of the Sky

11. "Almost is Never Enough" - 5:27
ALBUM: Yours Truly
ARTIST: Ariana Grande & Nathan Sykes

12. "Sorry (feat. Big Sean)" - 3:36
ALBUM: Sorry (feat. Big Sean) - Single
ARTIST: Naya Rivera + Big Sean

13. "Closed Hands, Full of Friends" - 4:03
ALBUM:  Joy of Nothing
ARTIST: Foy Vance

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